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International Summer Week 2012 a Cagliari dal 3 al 10 agosto 2012 / Cagliari

International Summer Week 2012 accoglie a Cagliari, come ogni anno, ragazzi e ragazze da tutto il mondo. Il programma di questa estate prevede una settimana ricca di eventi: dalla cerimonia di benvenuto ai party in piscina, visite guidate presso i musei e nella città di Cagliari, cena tipica tradizionale, gita in barca in mare aperto, eventi culturali di vario genere e molto altro, il tutto in un fantasctico contesto multiculturale.

Day 1 – 3rd August

  • Arrivals
  • Opening ceremony at the theater
  • Dinner
  • Dance Party at the terrace club

The ancient Capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia will welcome you by showing its more romantic and charming side. After the amazing opening ceremony at the theater, the first day will conclude with a dance party in the great rooftop terrace where you can admire the best view of Cagliari

Day 2 – 4th august

  • Breakfast
  • Cagliari city beach, game and fun
  • Packed lunch
  • Dinner at the castle
  • Celebrities Party

We begin to discover the exciting summer life in a Mediterranean city. After spending a day in the beach of Cagliari with games, diving and lots of fun, In the evening we will have a dinner at the foot of the Ancient Spanish Castle of San Michele Hill, and finally there will be the highlight of the day: The Party of celebrities 🙂 For one night you’re a celebrity and it’s up to you to decide who to be. Bring with you everything can be useful for your mask.
The best costume will win a prize !:-)

Day 3 – 5th august

  • Breakfast
  • Discovering the south-west paradise beach of Chia
  • Packed lunch
  • Mediterranean beachg party with live music, bonfire, love and fun
  • Dinner

Along the coast of Sardinia you can find some of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean Sea. One of these is definitely Chia, the pearl of south west Sardinia. Crystalline waters, white sand dunes and a pristine lagoon. After spending a day in this paradise, the night will live the unique experience of a party on the beach with lots of music, fun and romantic bonfires

Day 4 – 6th august

  • Breakfast
  • Discovering the historical Cagliari
  • Treasure hunt trough the historical buildings
  • Packed lunch
  • Sardinian traditional dinner in a typical village

Cagliari is one of the oldest cities in the world. When its white walls standing out on the Mediterranean Sea, Rome was not born. If you love history, architecture, and the testimony of ancient civilizations Cagliari is undoubtedly the city for you. This day will be dedicated to the discovery of the ancient heart of the city by visiting palaces, vestiges of the past and historic sites. This will be done in a creative and stimulating through a treasure hunt that will allow you to discover some of the most important facts related to Sardinian history
The day will conclude with a dinner in a typical village of the Sardinian countryside with traditional dances, celebrations and so much great food

Day 5 – 7th august

  • Breakfast
  • The pirate boat raid in the mysterious villasimius marine natural park
  • Seafood lunch
  • Dinner
  • Disco night in Cagliari

Have you ever dreamed of being a member of a gang of unscrupulous pirates? Have you ever dreamed of being a romantic girl of the eighteenth century is kidnapped by a band of pirates and taken on galleon where falls in love with a fascinating Captain?
If the answer is yes in the fifth day your dreams will translate into reality? For one day you will be aboard of a ship in which there are only two categories. Dame and pirates? You choose who to be! The vessel will make raids and incursions in the famous marine park of Villasimius (southeast of the island) where it will fight the war of the fun. A war in which there will be no prisoners.
The night then, because we all will need to relax, we will dance all night long at an exclusive party to be held at a nightclub in Cagliari.

Day 6 – 8th august

  • Breakfast
  • Love boat : romantic cruise in the beautiful east coast of the island (the legendary Orosei Gulf)
  • Packed lunch
  • Dinner
  • Pool party

You’ve survived the previous day? Would you like to live the romantic experience of a passenger on the Titanic without the iceberg interrupts your most important moments? We are pleased to inform you that in the Sardinian sea is almost impossible to find icebergs in August:-P, and for this we invite you to take part in the love boat, the romantic cruise will introduce you to the incredible cost of the legendary Gulf of Orosei. Caves, coves, pristine beaches. You’ll discover why the Gulf of Orosei is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
But there’s more. will celebrate the night in an amazing Pool party. Do not forget your swim suit.

Day 7 – 9th august

  • Breakfast
  • Shopping day
  • Packed lunch
  • Closing ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Global village

It’s the last day; we’re all a bit ‘sad because we will soon say goodbye each other but that can not prevent us to celebrate and have fun together for a last time! After a morning in which, if you want, you can shop in stores of the city, we will meet again in the evening for the closing ceremony where we will live again together, through photos and video, the past week. And later as veterans know ….. the craziest moment of the International Summer Week: The Global Village! The feast of the nations represented at the International Summer Week in which each country will present some product of their own tradition and not just food. Music, dancing and much fun will accompany the closing of the International Summer Week

Extra days

Seven days is not enough for you? Would you like to extend your holiday in Sardinia and know other places and areas of the island? We have something for you . Every year more and more people decide to extend their stay here beyond the end of the International Summer Week and we decided to create a special program for them.
There will be many activities which, if you want, you can participate. The first is “glass under the stars”. The great festival held annually in Jerzu, the capital of the Sardinian wine. An unforgettable experience!:-P p.s. may be forgettable if you drink too much wine

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